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About Our Family and Our Farm

Whitehurst Heritage Farms is owned and operated by Michael and Leslie Marchand and our children. We started the farm on leased land near our home in Cypress, Texas in 2014. We moved the farm operation in 2017 to land that we purchased near Brenham. Michael and Leslie were each raised with a respect and appreciation for our agricultural heritage in America.  Together, along with our children, we decided to return to our roots and raise animals and plants the way that we learned from our grandparents.  Each of our kids has a product named after them: Thomas' Turkeys, Marisa's Pastured Eggs, Christian's Chickens, and Olivia's Forested Pork.

About "Farmer Michael"

Michael & Emmett Whitehurst

Michael grew up in Longview, Texas where his family has lived and farmed for generations.  Michael grew up visiting his granddad's farm to gather eggs and harvest vegetables. His grandfather, Mr. Emmett Whitehurst, was the inspiration for our farm name and agricultural practices.  This picture shows Michael when he was a young boy with his mom, sister and grandfather.

"Farmer Michael"

Farmer Michael has a natural connection to all animals and an intuitive sense about how to best raise farm animals in their natural environment.  He sold his previous business in 2014 to follow his passion for locally sourced sustainable food and agricultural practices.

About "Farmer's Wife" Leslie

Leslie & her Texas roots

Leslie grew up in Dallas, Texas with frequent visits to her parents' land near Stephenville and her grandparents' land in Frydek (outside of Houston).  Her grandparents' land has been in continuous agricultural operation by the same family for over 100 years. It has been recognized in the Family Land Heritage program by the Texas Department of Agriculture.  Leslie is a member of the "Old 300" because her ancestors were some of the original Anglo settlers that received land grants in Stephen F. Austin's first colony in Mexico.

"Farmer's Wife" Leslie

Leslie was wholeheartedly supportive when Michael decided to sell his white collar business to become a full-time farmer in 2014.  Leslie is a mom and farmer's wife while maintaining her own career and business as a clinical social worker, yoga instructor and life coach.  She works full time as a hospice social worker and operates SoYoCo Wellness where she writes and teaches about personal wellness and professional self-care.  For more information visit SoYoCo.org.

Learn more about our farming life

Three ways to learn more about our farming story, practices and products.

Virtual Farm Tour

Farmer Michael loves to share pictures, videos and stories from our farming journey.  He'll take you on a 10 minute virtual farm tour and share some of our favorite still life photographs on the farm.


In The News

Our farm has been featured in a few community publications & news segments.  Click the link below to watch a news clip with Sally MacDonald of Fox News Houston and read several articles from the Community Impact magazine & Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association blog.


In The Community

You can find our products on the menu in several Houston area farm to table restaurants and available for sale through other local businesses that bring farm fresh food to the community.